What is Mental Health?

Mind: Depression 
Information about depression, its symptoms and possible causes, and how you can access treatment and support. Includes tips on caring for yourself, and guidance for friends and family.

NHS Inform: Talking Therapies 
Talking therapies explained: For some problems and conditions, one type of talking therapy may be better than another. Different talking therapies also suit different people. This link includes a brief explanation of some common talking treatments and how they can help.

Understanding Your Mental Health

NHS: Self-assessment
This mood self-assessment can help you better understand how you’ve been feeling recently.

Rethink – A Recovery Programme 
A recovery programme for depression. This programme includes advice about using techniques that have been developed from health related research, but also includes things that people who have been depressed themselves have found useful.

Mental Health Foundation
This resource includes a range of content designed to give you more information about mental health, and to help you to look after your mental health. You will podcasts, videos, inspiring stories and information about getting help if you’re struggling.

How to Support Your Mental Health

An Introductory Self-Help Course in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. This mini 7-step self-help course includes an introduction to techniques which could be useful for everyone

Talk Plus
An evidence based treatment used to tackle practical problems in low mood or anxiety. It works by tackling one problem at a time and developing a specific action. This is done by developing as many solutions as possible and evaluating each solution before choosing one to implement.

Digital booklet with information on how to cope when things are difficult. Developing your resilience to allow you to cope with life’s struggles.

NHS: Coping With Depression
Tips for coping with depression, including strategies to use if you are feeling low.

Rethink: Living With Mental Illness
Learn more about mental illness and about living with mental illness. We improve the lives of people severely affected by mental illness through our network of local groups and services, expert information and successful campaigning. Our goal is to make sure everyone affected by severe mental illness has a good quality of life.

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