Facing the Future

Voluntary playgroups with membership of Early Years Scotland have told us that they have a number of serious concerns regarding their ability to continue providing a service to their communities. As a result, there is a danger that children will miss out on access to the flagship policy of 1140 hours of funded ELC if more is not done to support this vital part of our sector not only to sustain, but to be able to grow and flourish.

Typical Early Years Scotland members’ concerns:

“We don’t want to resign as a committee because we care about the playgroup, the staff, and the children, but equally, we cannot do what’s being asked of us. “

“We have no experience in management and do not have the time that’s needed as group of working parents.”

The traditional model of a management committee consisting solely of parents whose children attend the playgroup has been showing signs of strain over the last few years. Employing and managing staff, recruiting, and training volunteers, and navigating the legal and regulatory framework surrounding early years provision and charitable status are just some of the difficulties voluntary playgroups are facing.