Exclusive payslip service for Early Years Scotland members from Parris & McNally

Early Years Scotland’s partner organisation Parris & McNally provides a bespoke payslip service, tailor-made for ELC settings.

They are very pleased to be taking on new payslip customers from April 2024, the start of the new financial year. Alongside professional payslips, electronic and secure data transfer and real-time information, their popular service will provide you with:

  • Tax and NI contribution calculations
  • Information on how and when to pay HMRC and how much to pay them
  • Calculations of statutory payments, such as maternity and sick pay
  • Calculation of student loan repayments
  • The option for calculated annualized pay and holiday pay
  • Pension auto-enrolment assessment and letters plus direct transfer to provider

… and much more.

Parris & McNally are also experts in term-time-only working arrangements and offer full management of PAYE and pensions auto-enrolment duties, as well as secure portal upload of all your payroll reports and payslips.

They also offer a very competitive price as there are no further hidden costs, you pay per payslip only. Other known payslip services may add on additional set up, or admin fees, on top of the price per payslip, these are already ‘built-in’ within the current offer price of £5.50 per payslip from Parris and McNally.

Keep up to date with the latest legislative changes
Their competitively priced service will help ensure that you are always adhering to the latest legislation, including the upcoming changes to paternity pay, changes to the calculation of holiday pay for casual and part-year workers, threshold amendments, and potential changes to pension auto-enrolment legislation.

Contact Parris & McNally’s friendly team today for a free, no-obligation quote by emailing Stacey at [email protected] or by telephone on 01292 671119.

An active EYS membership number will be required to confirm eligibility.