New payslip service for EYS voluntary sector members

Date: 18 July 2023
Topic: Early Years Scotland News

Early Years Scotland (EYS) has launched a payslip service exclusively for its voluntary sector members.

The new service came about as a result of a consultation with members that identified a high demand for professional and affordable assistance with pay and salary services.

EYS has teamed up with Parris & McNally, who are part of the CJM Accountancy group, based in Prestwick, South Ayrshire. As part of the service, Parris & McNally will be able to offer settings the following:

  • £5.50 per payslip, per person.
  • Tax and NI contributions, holiday pay contributions calculated, along with calculations of statutory payments such as maternity and sick pay.
  • A tailored payroll service to your business.
  • A Cloud Based Systems with integration into pension schemes.
  • An experienced and dedicated payroll team.

If you would like to learn more, or sign up to the service, please contact Stacey at [email protected] or by telephone on 01292 671119.