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About Us

Early Years Scotland is committed to providing the very best start in life for every child in Scotland. We are the leading national third sector organisation for children pre-birth to 5.

Early Years Scotland’s remit is broad, but with a strong focus on the professionals and families who care for the youngest members of our community. 

There are two main strands to the work of Early Years Scotland: These are:

1. Membership for Early Learning and Childcare settings

We offer membership to all Early Learning and Childcare settings including nurseries, playgroups, local authorities, college and university staff, ELC students, individual practitioners, and Parent and Toddler Groups. We provide many membership benefits, such as a helpline, curriculum and business support, policy templates, specialist insurance and legal advice, members’ area on our website, regular e-bulletins and practitioner and parent magazines. 

2. Working directly with children and families

Our qualified professional staff also work directly with babies and children and their parents/carers in various settings including local communities, family homes and in prisons. Our work focuses on improving early learning and development through shared interactions and play. 

Early Years Scotland's philosophy centres on the following: 

• Prevention and Early Intervention 
• A two-generation approach to shared experiences and learning
• Practitioners as role model for children and parents 
• Evidence and Assets-Based 
• Support children’s early learning and development 
• Emphasis on enriching the Home Learning Environment 
• Inclusive and capacity, capability, confidence building

Underpinning all of this, Early Years Scotland engages with policymakers on a regular basis to inform and influence local and national policy. We offer analysis of current and new policy and legislation, allowing us to provide clear and concise information and support to our members. 

We are also delivering and further developing a range of training and professional learning opportunities for the sector. 

As the number of hours of Early Learning and Childcare increase, and the level of service required continues to rise, Early Years Scotland aims to ensure that quality is not compromised.