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Membership of Early Years Scotland

Membership of Early Years Scotland is open to the categories below.  Please click on the link for full details of membership benefits and to join online. 

Guideline for ELC Setting Members
Please note that when a setting becomes an Early Years Scotland (EYS) member, the members’ area login details and membership benefits are intended for that one setting only.  This also applies to settings that are part of a chain of ELC settings.

Where there are multiple settings, it is only the staff at the setting that is registered as a member, who are entitled to use the membership benefits.  

Should an organisation with multiple settings wish staff at non-member premises to have use of EYS benefits and member discounts, then membership should be purchased for each individual setting. 

Should you have any queries about this guideline then please contact our membership helpline at 

Early Learning and Childcare Settings*

• Voluntary Sector Early Learning and Childcare Settings. Find out more.
• Local Authority Early Learning and Childcare Settings. Find out more.
• Private Early Learning and Childcare Settings. Find out more.

*Early Learning and Childcare Settings should be operating within Early Years Scotland’s Code of Practice for Early Learning and Childcare Settings.

Parent and Toddler Groups

• Parent and Toddler Groups. Find out more.

Colleges and Universities

• College Departments. Find out more.
• University Departments. Find out more.

Primary Schools

Find out more.

Students and Practitioners
• Students. Find out more
• Individual Practitioners.Find out more.

Find out more.

Find out more.


• Local Authorities. Find out more.
• Voluntary Sector Organisations. Find out more.
• National Organisations (other than Voluntary). Find out more.
• Companies and Businesses. Find out more.