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Step in to the EYS E-learning Hub

Posted in News on Thursday, 01 July 2021
Step in to the EYS E-learning Hub Early years professionals can continue their professional learning despite the current restrictions via the Early Years Scotland E-learning Hub.

Participants can undertake a mini self study course which will take approximately 1 hour and can be completed in your own time; a self study course which, again, is completed in your own time and will take around 3 hours; and a collaborative course which will take place over a number of weeks, with an Early Years expert on hand throughout to guide your self study.

Currently available courses are listed below and full details can be found by clicking on the link.

Mini Self Study Courses
Exploring Autism in the Early Years
Building Brains for Healthy Futures
Recognising and Supporting Schematic Play
COVID-19 Guidance for the Early Years Sector

Self Study Courses
High Quality Learning Experiences
Meaningful Parental Engagement

Collaborative Courses
The Art of Open Ended Play


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