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SSSC Annual Report published

Posted in News on Wednesday, 09 December 2015
SSSC Annual Report published The Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) has released its annual report and accounts. 

The SSSC registers and regulates Scotland’s social service workforce, making sure that people working in these services have the skills, qualifications and values that our communities need in very challenging times. It is also the national lead for workforce development in social services and the Official Statistics provider for the social service workforce.

In 2014 registration became compulsory for support workers in day care services for children including nurseries and out of school care as well as for managers of housing support and care at home services. This means almost 90,000 people are now registered to work in social services in Scotland - nearly half of the whole workforce.

Professor James McGoldrick, Convener of the SSSC said: “I believe our work means the people of Scotland can count on social services being delivered by a trusted and skilled workforce and as such our work touches the lives of most people in Scotland. It is vital that we continue to play our role in developing the professionalism of this workforce, leading to improved outcomes for the people of Scotland through public protection. 

“Every one of Scotland’s social service workers provides essential support and services to the most vulnerable people in Scotland. They often carry out their work in difficult circumstances but the vast majority provide high quality care and support. And the SSSC will continue to lead the way in developing the professionalism of the workforce so we can all achieve our shared outcomes.”

Anna Fowlie, Chief Executive of the SSSC said: “Almost all of us will use social services at some point in our lives. We have 199,670 social service workers in Scotland, with one in every 13 working people in Scotland employed in social services and almost half now on the SSSC Register. Each year this means more people are required to meet the standards set out in our Codes of Practice and gain the right skills and qualifications for a range of complex, challenging and rewarding jobs. 

“Our annual report highlights what we are doing along with our partners to develop a skilled, confident and trusted workforce able to deliver high quality care services. Developing that skilled workforce in the context of the integration of social care and health services is challenging for employers and we are working on a range of resources and tools to help with this. 

“Most of the people registered with the SSSC do a very good job often under difficult circumstances. As the workforce regulator, where there are concerns over the standards of practice of any worker on the SSSC Register we will not hesitate to take action. 

“The next few years will see significant developments in the way social services are provided, delivered and used by the people who need them and we will continue to work hard so that Scotland has a workforce that can meet these challenges.”

Download the full report here


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