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Scottish Government responds to workforce review recommendations

Posted in News on Monday, 07 December 2015
Scottish Government responds to workforce review recommendations
The Scottish Government has published its response to the independent Early Learning and Childcare and Out of School Care Workforce Review.

The Review, led by Professor Iram Siraj, made 31 recommendations on a range of vital issues including the skills, qualifications, pay and status of the workforce, and the Government addresses each of these in its response.
A key recommendation in the review was that a strategic group should be established to oversee a long-term vision and development plan for reform of the workforce. The Government has moved quickly on this recommendation and has set-up the Workforce and Quality Group to carry out this work.

Early Years Scotland Chief Executive, Jean Carwood-Edwards, was one of the leading figures from across the sector on the Review group, and Jean will continue to serve on the new Workforce and Quality Group.

You can download a copy of the Scottish Government’s response to the Review recommendations here.


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