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Organised Outdoor Community Play Fund now open!

Posted in News on Wednesday, 15 July 2020
Organised Outdoor Community Play Fund now open! Inspiring Scotland is seeking applications for the Organised Outdoor Community Play Fund, funded by the Scottish Government and set up to support children’s health and wellbeing through outdoor play.
The Scottish Government is providing £380,000 for play charities to provide organised outdoor play opportunities for children in the most deprived communities in Scotland.
Being able to play outdoors at this time is recognised as being a vital component missing for many children over the past few months, and as we come through this pandemic, play, and in particular outdoor play is a method that will enable children to be more physically active, engage with friends and improve a sense of wellbeing.  It is an aid for children in their recovery and in building their resilience.
The Fund will support eligible Scottish registered charities delivering organised outdoor play-based opportunities for children.
Applications for up to £25,000 will be considered, though the average award is likely to be less than this.
The fund opened yesterday (Tuesday 14 July) and the deadline for applications is midnight on Monday 20 July.
You can apply online here.


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