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Online course: COVID-19 Guidance for the Early Years Sector

Posted in News on Tuesday, 06 October 2020
Online course: COVID-19 Guidance for the Early Years Sector COVID-19 Guidance for the Early Years Sector: Online Course

Early Years Scotland fully appreciates the challenges of navigating the guidance and information that is in place around COVID-19 and, as a result, has created an online course for the sector. 

The benefit of this course is that it becomes a hub of information for all things COVID-19. The design of the course is such that the participants are presented with essential reading and also additional reading. Participants complete a quiz based on the essential reading. After completion of the online course, participants are signposted to complete an Open Badge held within the SSSC Open Badge Portal. The guidance and documents within the course are all live documents therefore hold current and up to date information, providing individuals with a ‘place to go’ when looking for information relating to COVID.

This is an online course, not a live event. Any dates/times you see refer to when the online course will go live and are not a timeframe for you to complete the course in. You can complete the course in your own time, we advise it will take around 3 hours to complete.

Within the booking area it does advise you to get in touch if you would like to take advantage of the bulk buy offer. The course prices are as follows:

EYS Member: £6
Non-member: £12

Non-member: £12

Bulk buy:
10+ 20% discount (based on member/non-member status) 
50-100 40% discount (based on member/non-member status)

100+ 50% discount (based on member/non-member status)

We believe that Managers and Head Teachers would welcome a resource such as this for their staff team as it gives reassurance that everyone is informed and have access to relevant and current information.

You can enrol on the online course here.


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