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New handbook aims to help Aberdeenshire playgroups

Posted in News on Wednesday, 06 March 2019
New handbook aims to help Aberdeenshire playgroups  The task of running a community based playgroup will be made easier for groups in Abedreenshire with the publication of a free guide giving invaluable information and advice on managing their affairs smoothly.

The guide, ‘Partnership for Success: a Committee Handbook’, has been prepared and published by Early Years Scotland in partnership with Aberdeenshire Council , and was launched at the Garioch Heritage Centre in Inverurie on Tuesday, 5 March.

The voluntary committees in charge of community playgroups can often feel overwhelmed by the demands and responsibilities of employing staff and keeping their group afloat, so the handbook is intended to help support them and enable a smooth handover for future committees.

A copy of the handbook will be distributed to every playgroup in Aberdeenshire.

Many of the playgroups are funded partner Early Learning and Childcare (ELC) providers for the local authority, and will have a vital role to play when the number of funded ELC hours parents can access for their child is doubled to 1140 next year.

The launch brought together committee members and employees from local playgroups, alongside representatives from Early Years Scotland, local councillors, and council staff and officials.

Jean Carwood-Edwards, Chief Executive of Early Years Scotland, said:

“Early Years Scotland recognises the fact that we are in period of unprecedented change within the Early Learning and Childcare (ELC) sector as we move towards 1140 hours of nursery provision in 2020. This period of ELC expansion brings many positive benefits for children and families, however there are also challenges for many playgroups to overcome, ensuring they continue to offer children and families the highest quality experiences. 

“This jointly created handbook, “Partnership for Success” will be a welcome support for playgroups, enabling them to utilise the breadth of guidance provided, and ensure that committees feel confident and able to be self-sustainable during this time of change. Aberdeenshire Council continues to support a high number of playgroups within the region, and this Committee Handbook will no doubt be a welcome additional area of support. 

Working in partnership with Aberdeenshire Council through the creation of this invaluable resource, can only strengthen the quality of experiences and learning for Scotland’s youngest children.”

Speakers at the launch included Jean Carwood-Edwards (pictured); Laurence Findlay, Director of Education and Children’s Services, Aberdeenshire Council; and Audrey Hendry, Lead Officer Education, Aberdeenshire Council.


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