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'Learn with Fred' literacy project

Posted in News on Thursday, 28 January 2016
'Learn with Fred' literacy project

A family learning project aimed at helping parents develop their children’s literacy skills has shown a significant improvement in participants’ skills and confidence to support their child’s learning.

The ‘Learn with Fred’ project emphasised the importance of a child’s home-life and parents’ role as early educators in developing literacy skills.  The project, named after the soft toy bear used as a prop, targeted families with children aged 3 and under over a seven month period.
The main findings of the ‘Learn with Fred’ evaluation found that:

Course participants were asked to rate their level of confidence in supporting their child to learn. At the beginning of the course, 44% rated themselves as slightly confident and at the end all rated themselves either confident (33%) or very confident (66%). 
Before the course started, 55% of the parents understood that music and singing nursery rhymes would help their child to read and spell. By the end of the course this had risen to 100%. 
44% of participants said that they shared books with their child several times a week at the beginning of the course; by the end 88% were sharing books either once or more than once a day with their child/ren. 
77% of adults and 66% of children were members of the library at the beginning of the course; by the end of the course 100% of both children and adults were members.
The project was funded by Education Scotland and more details are available on the Education Scotland website.


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