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EYS statement on Organised Activities for Children guidance

Posted in News on Thursday, 01 October 2020
EYS statement on Organised Activities for Children guidance Early Years Scotland (EYS) is deeply concerned that the updated guidance on Organised Activities for Children announced at the end of last week poses a serious threat to the viability of many unregulated playgroups and parent & toddler groups.

Over the past few days a large number of EYS members have contacted us expressing their fears that the restrictions placed on numbers attending indoor activities will leave them struggling to pay hall rentals and other costs and, in the case of playgroups, staff wages.

EYS recognises that as small charities, and with a significant proportion serving communities in rural settings, these groups struggle under normal circumstances, and will find it extremely difficult to stay afloat under the restrictions.

On behalf of our members, EYS has made representations to Maree Todd MSP, Minister for Children and Young People, and is currently in discussions to find suitable solutions to the problem. EYS does acknowledge the necessity of restrictions, however we aim to look for alternative approaches to support groups at this challenging time.

EYS is committed to keeping our members informed and we will provide regular updates on the matter on our website and social media pages.


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