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EYS on Commission to tackle apprenticeships gender imbalance

Posted in News on Tuesday, 17 December 2019
EYS on Commission to tackle apprenticeships gender imbalance Early Years Scotland (EYS) has hosted the new Scottish Apprenticeship Advisory Board’s (SAAB) Gender Commission’s first in-depth analysis into tackling gender disparity in the uptake of apprenticeships.

The new employer-led commission, to look at gender inequality in the workplace, has been established, kicking off with a deep-dive into the first of its key themes – early learning and childcare.

The commission held its inaugural meeting in October to set the scene and consider some the key themes it would look to explore. Each meeting will focus on a separate topic and will draw upon expert contributors to help look more closely into the different factors which can result in the gendered nature of work and apprenticeships.

EYS Chief Executive, Jean Carwood-Edwards, has written a blog about her role as a member of the Gender Commission, which you can read here.


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