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Deadline extension for childcare provider costs survey

Posted in News on Thursday, 30 June 2016
Deadline extension for childcare provider costs survey Time is running out for Early Learning and Childcare settings to influence the Scottish Government on childcare provider costs. The deadline for completing Ipsos MORI’s survey for the Scottish Government about the costs or providing early learning and childcare is Sunday 10th July. The deadline has been extended  to gives as many partner providers as possible an opportunity to respond, so that the results accurately reflect the views of the sector.

Settings will be receiving an email reminder inviting them to participate in the survey before the deadline.

The Scottish Government will use the findings from this survey to plan in detail for the expansion of free hours and for the important role that partner providers will play in that. Individual responses will be completely confidential and will not be seen by anybody outside of Ipsos MORI. Only aggregate results – e.g. at regional level – will be provided to Scottish Government or published. 

If you want to find out more, please contact the research team (Sanah Saeed Zubairi, Chris Martin or Rachel Ormston) at Ipsos MORI on 0808 238 5376 or the Project Manager at the Scottish Government, Sasha Maguire 0131 244 0563. 


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