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Consultation on the Scottish Social Services Council registration fees

Posted in News on Tuesday, 16 August 2016
Consultation on the Scottish Social Services Council registration fees The Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) has launched a consultation over a proposal to increase registration fees for social service workers, including those who work in Early Learning and Childcare.

The consultation sets out proposals for an increase to the fees paid by registrants of the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC). These fees represent the contributions paid by registrants to support the aims of regulation of social service workers, which is to:

- increase public protection
- improve the skills, qualification levels and professionalism of the workforce
- improve the experience and outcomes of people who use social services
- promote confidence in the sector.

The importance of a registered social service workforce

Until 2003, social workers were the only professional group of workers not registered with a professional regulator.  The establishment of the SSSC and registration and regulation of social workers came following a Government consultation in 1998, Modernising Social Work Services, a Consultation Paper on Workforce Regulation and Education, which received strong support.

In response to the consultation, the Scottish Government and the wider social service workforce also recognised that if the SSSC was to achieve the policy objectives of protecting people who use services and increasing the professional standing of social service workers then the scope of registration had to be expanded to a wider set of workers.

Delivery of these policy objectives remains important to make sure that the social service workforce is professional, qualified, valued and regulated, with the skills and experience to improve the lives of people they support. More information is available in the SSSC March 2016 report – A trusted skilled and valued social service workforce.

Registered social service workers bring professional skills, values and knowledge. They work alongside other professionals like nurses and teachers, focused on our most vulnerable citizens. Registration brings an assurance to those citizens that the people working with them are properly qualified and follow the Codes of Practice. For registrants, it brings increased credibility and we have seen the positive impact on practice and confidence.

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