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Children’s Minister Launches Early Years Scotland

Posted in News on Thursday, 26 February 2015
Children’s Minister Launches Early Years Scotland The Minister for Children and Young People, Fiona McLeod MSP, joined children, parents, staff and guests at Scaraway Nursery in Glasgow to help launch Early Years Scotland.

Speaking at the launch, the Minister said: “I’m delighted to be part of the celebration of changing the name of Scottish Pre-school Play Association to Early Years Scotland. This new name reflects the excellent work the organisation does to support young children and their families through their early learning and childcare, parenting and play programmes.

“I look forward to continuing to work with Early Years Scotland as we develop our early years policies to help give children and young people in Scotland the best start in life.”

Early Years Scotland Chief Executive, Jean Carwood-Edwards, said: “We feel that the time had come to adopt a name that fully reflects the breadth of our work. Early Years Scotland is a modern, forward-looking identity and we are looking forward to playing a major role in making Scotland the best place to grow up.”


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