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TTS Partnership

TTS are proud of their heritage in creating innovative, educational resources for nearly thirty years. As well as sourcing materials internationally they manufacture hundreds of new, unique resources each year. The company takes great care in researching the materials and ensuring that they are developmentally aligned to children’s needs and interests.

TTS travel extensively in order to have ‘golden conversations’ with practitioners. By visiting settings and conferences they are able to gain valuable advice and insights into what practitioners need. They delight into turning their ideas into resources that are used by children around the world. Safely is taken very seriously and there is a rigorous testing procedure to ensure that quality and appropriateness are paramount.

Resources are wide and varied, recognising that the needs and interests of a twelve month old are different to a two year old. A good example of the care taken is some of the wooden toddler toys that are beautifully crafted and finished in beeswax and linseed oil. These resources are designed for little hands and reflect interests and developmental requirements. TTS also provide extensive notes to accompany many of their resources. This helps the practitioner with ideas for further learning opportunities.

Having such a breadth of product and understanding of settings needs means that they are often asked for on setting up new provisions. They have a designated team who provide a bespoke personalised service, discussing room layouts, furniture, outdoor classrooms and general resourcing. This has proved to be a valuable part of their offering.

TTS are passionate about working with and alongside practitioners to provide the right resources. They want to ignite young minds, inspire and engage and realise that this is achieved by working in partnership.

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